East Brunswick Rescue Squad EMT’s Drill with Crystal Springs Lifeguards

Lifeguards from Crystal Springs and EMTs from EBRS drilling together poolside.
Lifeguards from Crystal Springs and EMTs from EBRS drilling together poolside.

Members of the East Brunswick Rescue Squad participated in a joint training drill today with lifeguards of the East Brunswick Crystal Springs Family Aquatic Center.  “Three different drill scenarios were developed such that members of each organization could practice their individual skills while experiencing the coordination aspects of working with an outside organization,” said John Roche, Lead Manager of Crystal Springs.  “Crystal Springs has over 120 highly trained and certified lifeguards,” continued Roche.  “We take our guest’s safety very seriously and doing joint training exercises helps our staff better prepare for any emergency.”

John Hosie, Captain of EBRS commented, “The only way we can keep our skill set sharp is to continually drill and train.  Working alongside the lifeguards of Crystal Springs gives the unique experience for members of both organizations to educate and become familiar with each other’s emergency response procedures,” continued Hosie.

More information about each of these organizations can be found at their respective web sites.  The East Brunswick Rescue Squad website is at www.ebrs.org. Crystal Spring’s web site can be found at http://www.eastbrunswick.org/crystalsprings


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