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East Brunswick Roofer
East Brunswick Roofer

A roof is a very expensive part of any home in the East Brunswick area. Here are some NJ roof care tips that will help you decrease the amount of times that you call a Kendall Park roofing contractor for roof repairs:

Kendall Park Roofing Tips

  • Walk on your roof  as little as possible. Shingles are easily damaged so the less added stress, the better.


  • Avoid using a pressure washer. They loosen up the little grains in the shingles which causes the asphalt to become more exposed to UV  rays which decreases shingle lifespan. If one needs to be used, you should hire a professional NJ roofer to do so.


  • Never apply bleach to your roof. It causes corrosion and you'll have a poisonous chemical getting into your runoff and gutters.


  • If your roof is older (over 10 years) closely inspect your shingles during a day of very high winds. Look for shingles that are getting lifted up.If there are quite a few, then you should contact a NJ roofing company for repairs.


  • Don't paint your roof! Painting over old looking shingles or tires will just damage your roof system. Replace your shingles instead.


  • Hire a professional NJ roofing contractor to do roof repairs and roof maintenance . It is easy to accidentally cause damage to a roof so leave it to the professionals.

Biondo Contracting does roof repairs and installations all over Central NJ in towns such as Dayton, South Brunswick, Monmouth Junction,East Brunswick, North Brunswick, Milltown, Hillsborough, and many more. Call (732) 257- 2926 today for a free roofing estimate.


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