Students Continue Rutgers Tuition Protests

Erin Walsh provided the original content for this story for the The Daily Targum, and presented a different version for Patch:

Student protesters marched from Brower Commons steps into the Rutgers Student Center last week carrying signs reading  “BOG [board of governors] Stop taking our money!” and other messages directed to the Board of Governors after standing outside for an hour rallying for a tuition freeze.

Protestors made these posters for the open hearing on the university’s budget, tuition, fees, and housing and dining charges for the following academic year held by the Board of Governors.

The hearing took place Tuesday, April 8, in the multi-purpose room of the student center. The hearing streamed live via videoconference both to Newark and Camden campuses.

Akin Olla, a member of the United States Student’s Association, marched at the protest out of personal outrage at the student debt rates in New Jersey.

Olla, a Rowan University graduate, said New Jersey is known for having the highest tuition rates in the country - Rutgers having one of the highest tuition rates in the state.

He saw this hearing as one of the only opportunities for students to express their opinions on a matter he feels the administration has neglected.

“Not enough has been done by the administration,” he said. “It’s up to the students to take charge over their education and tuition rates.”

Nancy Winterbrauer, vice president of university budgeting, told students the tuition rates are something the university is struggling with because of state finances. She said Rutgers relies on state appropriations, and the financial struggles of the state leads to financial struggles for the university. 

“The dilemma we face is how we balance the need and services we must provide students while keeping tuition low,” Winterbauer said.

For more information, go to The Daily Targum.


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