East Brunswick Ranked Fourth Among New Jersey's Top 10 Cities

Movoto selected it fourth based on high school graduation rate and median income.

The annual Middlesex County Fair is one of the things that landed East Brunswick at No. 4 on Movoto's list of top 10 New Jersey cities.
The annual Middlesex County Fair is one of the things that landed East Brunswick at No. 4 on Movoto's list of top 10 New Jersey cities.
East Brunswick is the fourth best city in the state because of its high median household income and high school graduation rates, according to a list recently compiled by real estate blog movoto.com.

The city’s median household income is 24 percent higher than the state average, checking in at over $24,000, according to the report. East Brunswick High School’s graduation rate is 8 percent higher than the state’s average.

The report also emphasized East Brunswick’s “community feel,” including the fact that it’s the site of the Middlesex County Fair annually.

East Brunswick was one spot higher than North Brunswick on the list.

Fair Lawn was ranked No. 1, followed by Edison and Westfield in Movoto’s top 10.

Graduation Alliance November 27, 2013 at 10:44 PM
Congratulations East Brunswick... Keep on trying hard on improving the graduation rates by convincing students for studying for their better future....Hopefully next time you will ranked first... http://goo.gl/5KFNJS
AQ December 05, 2013 at 02:15 AM
As a person who grew up in the community and an EBHS graduate in 1975, this makes me proud. As a parent and private tutor, I can only hope that a large part of this equation speaks to the quality of educators in the EB school system. The "median income level" of the community is merely a statistical figure, especially when it does not reflect the median income level of those residents who have or had children in the public school system. Please remember that the statistician's unofficial rule is that "Figures lie and liars figure". As a community, a state, and a country, we should be concentrating on the standards for the educators of our children. During the years that I was within the educational system, there were an abundance of top educators in the school system. We should all be studying the GLOBAL results of educational performance to evaluate our educational systems as the youth of today are certainly integral pieces of a globally competitive world and job market.


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