Healthy Weight Loss Tips at the Library

Just for the Health of It has a new program, "Nutrition for the Novice...Why Weight?" The class will be held Wednesday.

Come to the for our newest program, “Nutrition for the Novice…Why Weight?” on Wednesday, May 2, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. This course will provide information in a fun and interactive exchange on discovering information on a label, how to determine how much sugar and fat are in everyday foods and  what those “other” ingredients are and whether or not they’re good for you!  

Attendees will also debunk diet myths and discover motivational tools for weight loss and maintenance. Other topics included: seven reasons we eat,  how environmental and personal cues trigger appetite and portion control vs. mindless eating.

This class will be offered by a registered nurse, who is certified as a holistic nurse, diabetes educator and instructor for ShapedownÒ, a family based weight management program for overweight children.  Having obtained a Master’s Degree in Health Science, she supports the educational goals of good health for the community.

The cost of this course is $10. Pre-registration is a must. Registration may be done at the Circulation Desk of the library.  For further information please call Ellen at 732-390-6782.

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