Independent Fire Company Seeks Volunteers

Committed, hard working volunteers are needed to help fight fires and respond to accidents in the area.

The East Brunswick Independent Fire Company is looking for dedicated volunteers who aren’t afraid of hard work or fighting fires.

“A lot of people don’t realize the rescue services in the community are volunteer,” said a lieutenant with the company. “A lot of people join clubs and different things—the Knights of Columbus, woman’s clubs—where they get a sense of community. You have that here too. It’s something you can put your hands on. A way to give back.”

Volunteers younger than 18 start as cadets, learning the ropes before being allowed to fight fires. Older volunteers have to attend 126 hours of training where they learn the essentials of being a fire fighter, the science of how fires start, how to use equipment, and more. Training is provided at the county and is expected to be done within the first year.

Being a fire fighter can be time consuming, but very rewarding. The department answers between 800 and 900 calls a year (that includes fires as well as other emergencies) and volunteers are expected to answer about 30 percent.

“When the pager goes off, you drop everything your doing. You’re out the door and you’re off to an emergency. When we go out the door, someone’s having the worst day of their life,” said the lieutenant.

Volunteers also can take advantage of the company’s friendly atmosphere.

“There’s a social aspect too. It’s volunteer, but we’re basically a family,” said the lieutenant. “We run bus trips, sporting events and holiday parties for our members, so there’s a social aspect to it.”

More information about membership, including an application, can be obtained at website www.EBIFC.com or by emailing recruitment@ebifc.com.  You also can drop by on Monday evenings after 8 p.m.

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Mahooka October 25, 2012 at 01:08 PM
As mentioned in the article all of the emergency services in East Brunswick are volunteer, as is the case in most of the surrounding communities. Specific to East Brunswick in addition to the EB Independent Fire Company you have EB Fire District # 1 (http://www.ebfd1.org/), the Brookview Volunteer Fire Company (http://www.brookviewfire.com) and the EB Rescue Squad (http://www.ebrs.org/). Each Fire Company covers a different section of the township and I’d imagine each agency is looking for new members to join the ranks and help lend a hand to the community. There are links to apply for membership on the respective websites or you can stop by the fire station in your neighborhood or the rescue squad building on Cranbury Rd to inquire about joining.


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