Zumiez Has Everything a Skateboarder Needs

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Zumiez in the Brunswick Square Mall can set you up with the right skateboard.

If your child already has enough video games, then Andrew Dolan has a few ideas on what to get them this Christmas—a skateboard.

From beginner boards to more expensive offerings with high-end wheels and performance, Zumiez in the Brunswick Square Mall has a wide selection of skateboards that could end up under Christmas trees everywhere.

“We have trick boards or freestyle boards,” said Dolan, who manages the store. But the cool thing is that we have a pretty big price range.”

For parents looking to get something fun for their kids, Zumiez has made it easy, with several packages of complete boards (decks, wheels bearings etc.) ranging in price from $89.95 to $115.95. The difference in price, said Dolan, is due to several things, including higher end products and name brands. But, even the most inexpensive board is fine, with the price mainly consisting of little things beginner riders might not even notice.

“It has a lot to do with how it was made. Some are pressed a little harder and don’t chip. The cheaper ones, they chip and handle differently,” he said. “The difference has a lot of to do with personal preference, but for beginners, they have no personal preference, because they haven’t been riding.”

Shoppers can pick from the longer boards made generally for cruising to the shorter trick boards that are more commonly seen.

But when it comes town do what is most important when buying a skateboard Dolan said the answer is simple.

“At the beginner level, go with what looks good!”

For those people who already have a skateboard, Zumiez also carries shoes, and clothes.

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