The Kamikaze Republicans

It is sheer suicide for any public employee or retiree on Social Security and Medicare or woman that cares about her equality to vote for a Republican.

Near the end of World War II, in an act of fanatical desperation the Japanese employed a tactic of deliberate suicide against Allied ships; they came to be called Kamikaze.

These young Japanese pilots acted as sacrificial dive bombers and died in vain like sheep to the slaughterhouse, all for the good of the ruling class and the emperor. To this day experts try to unravel the political psychology employed to convince the Japanese that sacrificing their lives and future was somehow a noble cause and the cry, “Long live the Emperor” was worth dying for.

World War II is in the past, but is there an equivalent to the Kamikaze in the Republican psyche today? Why would someone vote for a party that consistently attacks their own financial security.

It is sheer suicide for any public employee or retiree on Social Security and Medicare or woman that cares about her equality to vote for a Republican. Could these misguided voters that cast their ballot for a Republican just be another form of Kamikaze and like lambs to the slaughter give the Republicans the power they need to destroy the financial security of young and old alike?

All public employees, especially teachers, police, and firemen have been targeted by the Republicans. Attacks on their collective bargaining rights, attacks on their pensions, and attacks on their health benefits is a core GOP strategy. Republicans have used an army of bankruptcy attorneys to find ways to allow municipalities and states to cut financial obligations to retirees and void existing contracts. Republicans have openly advocated bankruptcy as a means to strip retirees of their pensions and benefits. Why then would any public employee become a political kamikaze and vote for a Republican that seeks to destroy all they have worked for in their lives, including the future financial security of their families?

And those retirees on Social Security and Medicare, the Republicans have over and over again attacked these vital programs. How many times will the Republicans propose privatization of Social Security and vouchers for Medicare before you realize that there is a GOP burglar at your door that wants to take everything you value and drive you to the poorhouse? If there is a burglar at your door you don’t unlock the door with your vote and let him in, instead you protect yourself and your family. These Republicans are not Ronald Reagan, Reagan wanted to preserve Social Security, the Republicans today want to destroy Social Security and you with it, don’t help them by voting them in.

Women, please, listen to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright when she says to you; “I can't understand why any woman would want to vote for Mitt Romney, except maybe Mrs. Romney." Romney is a relic of a bygone era in which women were subservient to men. Romney expects women to put their career ambitions aside and has never once spoken out in support of equal pay for equal work. Don’t allow the Republicans to drive women back into the Dark Ages, vote for your rights and the future of your daughters. Don’t commit political suicide by voting for a Republican.

Don’t be like the World War II Kamikaze’s that sacrificed their future for the good of the ruling class and emperor, don’t sacrifice your vote for a Republican with the cry, “Long live the Billionaires”.  Vote for yourself and vote for the future financial security of your family. Vote for the Democratic Party.

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frank rizzo September 25, 2012 at 07:17 AM
the gop just blocked a billion dollars in funding for vets programs and things like suicide and post traumatic stress counseling as well as job traing programs. thats the thing with republicans they stick a " i support the troops" sticker on the back of their toyota suv and that covers their obligations. republicans love sending people to war. but once those shattered troops come home they get bupkiss from republicans. they didnt even mention them once at the rnc convention. romney mentioned them though as part of the freeloading 47$ who dont pay income taxes as active service members dont pay income tax. those bums.
oldsoldier September 25, 2012 at 10:33 AM
I too enjoy a good political and historical discussion, where both sides listen to each other. All too often one side only wants to hear themselves and nothing else. That said, I think the one thing the presidents of old did not have to contend with (unlike the presidents of today), is welfare. What they worked with back then were types of "workfare". I don't believe that any president up to Kennedy would have supported entitlements as they are today. Today's Democrats and Republicans are more alike than different. Carter, while a nice guy (and smart) was an ineffective president. Reagan (in my opinion our greatest modern day president) encouraged domestic growth and defense spending. Clinton (when you separate scandal from man) was a good president. He reduced miltary and welfare spending. That is why I say: Vote for the person, not the party. Obama has shown himself to be ineffective. He too has been focused on the corporate sector like Hoover (except he poured billions into it ala Solyndra). He has also been indecisive as commander-in-chief like Carter (Afganistan, Iraq) - I say that because he has not done what he claimed he would do. To Mrgrumpass - I agree that FDR's policies did not bring us out of the Depression, however I disagree with you about WW2 doing it. It would take another thread to discuss that. However, may I suggest that you read about the Baby Boom. Again - Vote for the person, not the party.
Mrgrumpass September 25, 2012 at 03:52 PM
BG thee only thing to fear is 4 more years of BHO at the helm!
Mrgrumpass September 25, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Frank Since the end of ww2 the Democrats have bin mostly in control of our government, they are the group that have legislated away veterans benefits, don't blame today's legislators for not reinstating benefits that should not have been diminished by past Liberals.
Mrgrumpass September 25, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Frank As for the Republicans sending people to war FDR, DEM WW2. HS Truman, Dem. Korean, JFK,DEM. Nam, and both the D's and the R's agreed with GW to go to the middle east, so your point is not veiled. But I am in support of giving these young vets all they need, god knows my generation of vet got screwed!


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