Indoor Farmers Market A Huge Success (VIDEO)

Organizers say they're hoping for a second event later this year.

With more than 30 vendors selling grass-fed beef, cheese, all natural poultry, eggs, pickles, salsa, wine, local honey and more, the first ever on Saturday, March 10, was a huge success. In fact, turn out was so great that some people actually sold out of product before the day was done. Sponsored by the Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission and held at the , organizers say they’re already looking forward to having a second event in the fall.

Madzi March 18, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Why wait until the fall? And please, a larger venue!
Friends of the EB Environmental Commission March 18, 2012 at 01:31 PM
For information on the next market day and other Friend projects such as Freecycling, Community Garden and more check out www.friendsebec.com. Sign up as a member (it's FREE) and get the information via email.
Dave Moskowitz March 18, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Unfortunately, there just aren't really any larger spaces that are suitable. School properties bring scheduling complexities and cost and other town venues just aren't as large. The Cultural Arts Center offers the best of all worlds. Most people also don't know that the costs of the first market were borne by the Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission and the Board members and by the township to make sure that the market was a cost effective event for everyone attending. We wanted it to be a free event for everyone and obviously the huge attendance and fact that most vendors sold out, indicates just how incredibly successful it was and the amazing demand. We are definitely exploring options for future markets but the logistics and vast amount of planning of the first one, makes getting another one going in short order not that easy. The planning for the first one took months. However, the Friends is strongly committed to bringing more farmers markets to East Brunswick and really appreciate your enthusiasm for another! We will also likely be soliciting help from Friends members to get involved with planning future markets, so if you are interested let us know. And if anyone isn't a Friends member, join, its FREE! Just go to www.friendsebec.com and join and get involved. We are just a small group of people and can always use help with our programs and events.


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