Locals Open Staffing Agency in Freehold

Express Employment Professionals will be opening their doors in Freehold this spring.

In 2013 a different kind of business will be opening its doors in Freehold amongst the many different dining and shopping establishments.

Express Employment Professionals, a staffing agency, has chosen Freehold to be the home of their newest location thanks to franchisee Jim Puliafico of East Brunswick. 

As a former bra designer, Puliafico has been in the business world for over 30 years. However, recent changes in the industry caused Puliafico to begin looking for a change in career. 

“I left the fashion industry in July because a lot of the clothing industry in general has gone over seas,” explained Puliafico. “With less opportunity here, I hadn’t really been happy for a number of years, so this was a perfect sign for me to take a break and try something different.”

Trying something different for Puliafico turned into an opportunity for him and his wife, Doreen, to help others while becoming first time business owners. While they were designated to open a location in Monmouth County, they chose Freehold because of the great central location and because of all the businesses in town.

“I was looking to do something that would be able to help other people at some level, and certainly staffing helps there. I think there will be a lot of satisfaction coming at the end of the day knowing that you have helped people find some work, especially, coming out of the difficult economy we have had over the past few years.”

Express Employment Professionals has over 550 locations nationwide and serves local businesses with both full-time and temporary staffing and job placement, in addition to other services. To ensure that their franchisees do well, Express awarded their first 30 new franchisees this year with $30,000 each in working capital, which will help them ramp up faster and offset the investment. Puliafico is the company’s first franchisee to sign this year.

“I didn’t know the $30,000 was coming before I agreed to buy the franchise, so that was really a big surprise for me and it just confirmed that we had made the right decision. It just validated to me that this company works really hard to support their franchisees and really wants them to succeed,” said Puliafico.

Currently, a Freehold location has not been designated for the opening of Express, but Puliafico plans on opening his location in April near one of the major highways that run through Freehold. Learn more about Express Employment Professional by visiting the agency’s website.


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