Acme in Milltown, Shop Rite in East Brunswick Open and Stocked

Patch's Facebook readers say some supermarkets are open. Other's are hunkered down.

No power, no heat, closed roads and even closed supermarkets.

Surviving after the storm has been difficult, and in addition to lights and heat, getting food and keeping it from going bad, and even cooking it, is a problem for some.

According to Theresa Toth, Acme in Milltown was well stocked with bread and milk yesterday.

Peter Bellotti said that Shop-Rite in East Brunswick is open and was pretty well stocked as of Thursday.

Others are still hunkered down having shopped and made their own ice before hand.

“We shopped before the storm, made homemade Ziploc ice bags and bought 5-day cooling camper coolers at Dicks,” said Beth Gilbert Kalt on Facebook. “When the power went off, we transferred most of what we wanted into these huge coolers, and we're still good to go!!! Buy new ice about every 2 days...& we're cool!!!"

“I did the same as Beth!” said Rich Keller. “Just need to change the ice every now and then, but you should still give everything a sniff before eating it just in case! If it smells off, it IS off, and not worth um, ‘intestinal discomfort.’ ”

Robin Markson said she has her food on ice in a cooler, which she left on the porch.

“Its colder out there then inside! I also packed bags of ice in my freezer and everything stayed fresh.”

Some people are having trouble getting out for basics.

“I need milk and bread,” said Amy Baldesweiller.  “I wonder if the stores are getting restocked soon.”

While it may be cold outside, people still need ice. Dori Pomerantz Saypol said she found ice at the ACME in Milltown on Thursday.

Call Shop-Rite at 732-257-7575.

Call Acme in Milltown at 732-254-7900.

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