Reader Roundup: Does Crystal Springs Need a Facelift?

Facebook readers sound off on what they think needs to be done at Crystal Springs.

Last week, we published a story about a proposal from the East Brunswick recreation department to update some of the facilities at Crystal Springs, including new bathrooms, a new spray pad, and an additional water slide.

We posted the story on Facebook and asked our readers whether they thought Crystal Springs was in need of a little TLC, and a lot of people had something to say about it. Here's some comments from our Facebook page:

  • "as long as they dont raise the prices...kinda expensive for a season pass for non residents for a small place.. overall it is a fun day trip.." from Sandra Leary Shead
  • "Yes, indeed needed...and U must keep the bathrooms clean!!" from Barbara Allen
  • "I worked there the first 3 summers it was open 20 years ago... It's looks almost exactly the same as it did then...definitely needs some upgrades" from Robyn Musto Zak
  • "and the prices will go up too- but it's all relative. the place really isn't big enough, and should get a facelift." from Beth Gilbert Kalt
  • "No. Unless you're going to make an indoor water park that can be used all year 'round." from Lisa Napoli Ostrowski
What do you think? Does Crystal Springs need a face lift? Tell us in the comments below!


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