Area drivers---------------always in a hurry! (Can't manage time?)

Has anyone noticed that drivers in this area are always in a hurry.
So much so,  that one Patch commentor mentioned that adding 100 seconds to Rt 18 travel (by lower speed)  was too much "valuable time" to spend when traveling from the Macy's area to the Tower Center area.
As a one-time victim of an automobile caused accident,  I can tell you that any insurance company (and civil trial jury) will make anyone who impatiently drives will instantly wish that they hadn't.

EB Resident January 13, 2014 at 08:24 AM
A while back, I mentioned that the speed limit on Rt 18 should be lowered, I think I may have said to 25 or 30. This followed the incident where an elderly oriental male was killed crossing the road. I checked the guy who hit him's Russian equivalent of facebook page, and it was clear the guy was into fast cars. The comments I got back were condescending. Most of the time you can't drive faster than 30 mph on Rt 18 anyway. Sure there are the lane changing tailgaters who careen down the highway alternating between acceleration and braking who do exceed that speed at times. But, I think that if studied, it would be found that they reduce the overall speed for all, as everyone around them has to constantly brake and avoid their careening cars. We live in a police town, where the police follow the command and control process generally found in pro big government/anti freedom areas. Why they don't put more of the 100+ vehicles they claim to need on Rt 18 targeting reckless driving is beyond me. I guess they would rather sit at the on ramp to the Turnpike stopping countless vehicles for who knows what offense, creating traffic nightmares for all southbound travelers. My suspicion is that is a money raising scheme. A good time and motion study of the EBPD would probably show some interesting results.
Josey Wales January 13, 2014 at 10:02 AM
Don't know about anything about EB police, and their traffic enforcement policies. (I am thankful for their efforts to stop residential burglaries. ) I do know that RT 18 traffic is heavy and I believe that lowering and enforcing the speeds limit on that road is a good idea. BTW---My C6 LS7 stays mostly in the garage, because I don't trust the drivers in the area. Ask the insurance companies....EB is rated as NEW BRUNSWICK!


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