Cops Have Thick Skin. Alligators, Too.

Also, police say a burglar managed to break in through a drive-through.

Each week, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs." Some of the reports from this past week:

That's One Way to Avoid a Parking Ticket:Just not a very good way. Belleville police say they're looking for . They reportedly took the whole meter and placed it in a beige hatchback. Police weren't able to provide much of a specific description, but if you see a couple of guys lugging a parking meter around ... well, a call to 911 couldn't hurt.

They Came in Through the Drive-Thru Window: But they'd better not depend on a silver spoon for protection ... we're not even sure they have silver cutlery at Dunkin' Donuts. , and while the burglar (or burglars) threw several registers to the ground, they didn't get much cash, if any. Nor did they make off with any donuts. OMG Tip of the Week: If you're a criminal looking to keep a low profile, hitting the doughnut shop is a bad way to go*.

* Attention police: We're totally kidding about the doughnut crack. Really. Especially if you pull us over. Have we mentioned how handsome that uniform is?

You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape, Episode 95,839: Morristown police arrested a man who might want to get some perspective on his beer muscles. They say the man, seemingly highly intoxicated, walked up to an officer, and stared at him for several moments. When the officer asked the man if he was OK, , police said. The night ended with the man, facing a charge and in the care of hospital staff, police said—and hopefully with a little more perspective on how to party responsibly.

Something Really Stinks About This: Typically, when someone breaks into a car, he takes something. But NJ.com's got a report about a burglar who apparently left something behind. Something ... kinda gross. Police say that twice over the course of one night, a burglar broke into cars and defecated inside them. If this continues, we suggest the burglar's media-friendly nickname become Public Enemy No. 2.

See Ya Later: When police raided an Atlantic City home, they expected to find drugs. But NJ.comreports they also found something else—two alligators. Officials will try to bring the animals to their native habitat. They've likely got a less hospitable home lined up for the alleged drug dealer.

What's the strangest police-related news you've heard lately? Tell us in the comments, with a link to the original item (on Patch or otherwise).

About this column: "OMGs from NJ PDs" reviews the surprising, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported by New Jersey Patch sites over the last week.


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