Milltown Offers Tips to Residents on Impending Storm

There is once again the potential to lose power in Milltown. During Irene, the town went dark for days.

For our few readers from Milltown, the Borough of Milltown Office of Emergency Management just issued a statement with guidelines for residents preparing for the impending storm. Among the things they are warning about are potential long-term power outages.
- Be prepared to evacuate if local officials instruct you to do so.
- Be prepared for potential long-term power outages.
- Leaves! There a lot of leaves on the ground. Leaves are excellent material to clog/block storm drains, worsening local/neighborhood flooding. Get leaves and any other obstructing materials away from storm drains before this storm arrives.
**Food and Water
You should have enough food and water at home for three to five days for each person in case the emergency keeps you in the house that long and you lose power, which is a recommendation most emergency planners make, according to the plan.
In the event you lose electricity, stock up on non-perishables that don't require refrigeration or cooking. That could include ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits and vegetables; canned or boxed juices, milk and soup; condiments such as sugar, salt and pepper; high-energy food like peanut butter, jelly, low-sodium crackers, granola bars and trail mix; vitamins; food for infants or persons on special diets; cookies, hard candy, instant coffee and sweetened cereals;" as well as "bulk food items" like "wheat, powdered milk, corn and soy beans," the plan states.
Keep a supply of bottled water.
**Emergency Preparedness Kit
In addition to food and water, also have "first aid supplies, clothing and bedding, tools, emergency supplies, medication and specialty items" in your emergency kit, according to the plan. Put your items in airtight plastic bags in a container that's easy to carry, like a "trash can, camping back pack or duffel bag."
Make a smaller emergency kit to store in your car.
Tools and supplies you might want handy are extra batteries, mess kits or paper cups, plates and utensils, a battery-operated radio, flashlight, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, cash and change.
**When the Power Goes Out
Check to see if your neighbors lost it too.
Each household that has lost power should call
Milltown Electric @ 732-828-2100 to report it.
Turn off major appliances like refrigerators, electric water heaters, air conditioners and pumps to avoid them overloading the electric lines when the power is restored.
Leave a couple light switches on.
Flashlights or battery-operated lanterns are recommended instead of candles and kerosene lanterns that could lead to a fire hazard, the plan states.
You can use a portable generator for "limited electrical power," but make sure you only run it outside to avoid a fire or carbon monoxide threat.
Water systems with electric pumps, gas appliances and water heaters might not work in a power outage. Make sure you have another water source.
Look Out for Each Other
When there's a major storm, check on your relatives, neighbors, the elderly and anyone with disabilities to make sure they're okay.

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