Speeding Car Crashes into Woodbridge House

A car slammed into a house on Old Road, not far from Matthew Jago School, Friday morning.

A car that officials said was apparently speeding in the Port Reading-Sewaren section of Woodbridge yesterday went out of control and struck a home on that street, according to a report on abclocal.com.

The accident happened at approximately 11 am on Friday, February 1, said Ana Velez, who lives nearby and who is friends with the woman who owns the home struck by the automobile.

The driver was issued a summons for excessive speeding, abclocal.com said. The automobile had two passengers, but neither was hurt, nor was anyone in the house struck by the car injured.

"No one was hurt, but my neighbor [in this house was shaken by it because she said if she would have been in the house she could [have] been dead," Velez posted on Woodbridge Patch's Facebook page.

Velez said that complaints to the police about speeders over the past year caused them to put in radar to nab speeders.

"A child almost got struck by a car in the park by Matthew Jago School," Velez said.

"Something has to be done about the speeding around here."

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stephen mckessy February 02, 2013 at 02:11 PM
I complain about that all the time and I live on port reading Ave kids speed down the road all the time and trucks are no bargain either
Sara February 02, 2013 at 04:28 PM
I hear them speeding down Amboy Ave late at night, too. I'm dreading hearing the screeching of breaks followed by screaming. These jerks have no self control or respect for anyone.
gam February 02, 2013 at 08:12 PM
Happy to hear that no one was injured in this incident. Interesting enough yesterday on another Woodbridge forum there was a discussion regarding WPD using a team to target drivers for violations in crossing zones. THe WPD was criticized for using manpower in this way. WPD is a large and busy force-thankfully every day is not spent on a murder investigation. Performing routine police duties, especially traffic law enforcement can have a huge impact on quality of life in Woodbridge. Every neighborhood has the "speeding cars" issue, stop signs are "suggestions", Yield...non-existant. But here comes the rub....several years ago residents in one section of Colonia repeatedly complained to police about speeding through their neighborhood, police set up speed traps and lo and behold...most of those people "caught' lived in that neighborhood...suddenly the police should have been out looking for "real criminals" not bothering them! Local policing, enforcing existing laws should be the top priority of our police dept
Karen Macaulay February 02, 2013 at 11:13 PM
There is only ONE WAY you are ever going to get cars to permanently slow down on Old Road, and that is to put in some kind of physical impediment like speed bumps, or a stop sign somewhere in the middle. This road is by its nature a tragedy waiting to happen. This is an older, narrow street with lots of parked cars, and houses right up near the road. Part of it is a school zone. Many of the houses have no sidewalks, so pedestrians have to walk in the street. Yet it is also an ideal through-street, since it is a straight shot from Port Reading Avenue to Woodbridge Avenue. Afternoons it is like a freeway, and late at night even the big trucks are sometimes using it. People in a hurry are always cutting down it to avoid the two traffic lights on West Avenue. Also, in fairness to the police they were just recently (about a month or two ago?), pulling over lots of speeders on this street in the late afternoon.


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