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[VIDEO] Alongi's Grandfather: 'Come On Home, We Just Want You Honey'

Station camera shows Kara Alongi, 16, before she boarded a 6:47 p.m. northbound train on Sunday.

UPDATE, Wednesday, 11 a.m.:


Clark's Kara Alongi, 16, is still missing as of 7 p.m. on Monday night after apparently boarding a 6:47 p.m. train from Rahway Station heading northbound.

Tonight, Alongi's grandfather Paul Alongi Sr. spoke to Patch, pleading for his granddaughter to just come home. He said he spent last night canvassing New York's Penn Station, handing out flyers of his granddaughter's photo.

"We want her to know it's okay to come home," Alongi Sr. told Patch. "We know that she might be embarassed or even fearful with all the words that have been out there, but we know she's got a great life ahead of her. She has her family supporting her, her friends supporting her, and we love her. We just want her to know it's okay. It's okay. Come on home. We just want you, honey."

Alongi Sr. says his granddaughter was not acting unusual preceding her disappearance and that she was in a good mood, especially at a family event earlier in the week.

Alongi is 5'3'', with blonde hair and hazel eyes and weighs approximately 105 lbs. Alongi was last seen at the Rahway train station around 6 p.m. carrying a blue Eastpack backpack and brown leather tote bag, wearing blue jeggings, tan suede moccasins and possibly wearing a navy blue "Clark Cougar's" t-shirt with the number 2 and the name "Alongi" written on the back or a blue "Colonia Patriots" t-shirt with the letter "C" on the back. Police have obtained a photo of Alongi at Rahway station. (See it in our gallery, right).

Alongi, an Arthur L. Johnson junior, tweeted "There is somone in my hour ecall 911" before vanishing Sunday evening and becoming a social media sensation.

The story of Alongi's disappearance went viral on Twitter, with #helpfindkara trending at number three worldwide and 96,000 followers on her Twitter profile (@KaraAlongi). Clark Police later determined Alongi left voluntarily, calling a cab to drop her at the Rahway train station. 

Police responded to her home on Hall Drive last night after Alongi's parents returned home and found her missing. Police investigated and saw no signs of a break-in or foul play. According to police, a canine unit tracked Alongi's scent from the back door of her house, through a neighbor's yard, to the sidewalk and around the corner back onto her block, where the scent goes cold.

A group of about 20 of Alongi's family, friends and neighbors stood waiting outside the home late into the evening as police were investigating. Alongi's grandmother, Toni Alongi, described her as respectful and sensitive, and said it is not like her to run away.

The Twitterverse has responded with vitriol now that Alongi's tweet is suspected to be a hoax, with many tweeting that she should be punished for causing such a stir.

Clark Police, of course, are much more concerned with getting Alongi home.

"Kara might feel that she will be in trouble if she comes home after this scare and causing a panic," said Clark Police Chief Alan Scherb in a news release. "At this point, all everyone cares about is seeing her safe and at her house where she belongs."

Anyone with any information about Alongi's whereabouts should call Clark Police at 732-388-3434.

We will continue to check in with Clark Police and will update this story as more information becomes available.

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UPDATE, Wednesday, 11 a.m.:

UPDATED: Clark PD Searching for Missing Girl Who Tweeted 'Call 911'

Ryan Mc Cracken October 02, 2012 at 05:02 PM
She should be scared about coming home. Why would you be scared when she decided to leave in the first place. Also what she did was a federal offence. She faces jail time when she is found/located. The police chief statement he is "playing it soft" by saying she won't be. 16 or not she should respectively accept it for what she has done.....
al October 02, 2012 at 05:15 PM
Yes everybody does make mistakes, God knows i made my fare share and sometimes still do but i never did anything like that and make my family think i'm such danger or dead. What gets me is they said she is respectfull and sensitive which if you read her tweets or asked her friends she is the opposite, make fun of over weight people and gay people. Also there is a reason she ran away. The brat didn't want to move to Berkly Heights! I feel terrible for the family and do hope she gets home safe then she can start with community service to help pay the over time the police worked to find what they thought was kidnaped little girl!!
james October 03, 2012 at 02:13 AM
are you kiding me with all the crime going on out there these days, you want to punish this kid for making a mistake. Lets hope she comes home safe to her family.
james October 03, 2012 at 02:17 AM
Come to Irvington N.J and I'll show you real crime pal , get a life.
liviee October 03, 2012 at 05:03 PM
I'm honestly sick of hearing about this. She's just looking for attention and everyone is giving it to her. I can't wait for her to come home so she can get in trouble for wasting the time of our police when there are actual emergencies that weren't paid attention too because of her. Just read her twitter. She's not a "sweet little girl " she's rude, she's against gays, she's a bully. And karma will finally catch up.


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