1,298 Lacey Properties to be Auctioned Off at Annual Lien Sale

The property owner with the most in uncollected taxes is Edrich Corporation's Shark Fin Inn, owing $35,400

More than 1,200 Lacey properties will be auctioned off at the township’s annual lien sale on Friday, Jan. 25 at 9 a.m. The number of properties on the tax sale list increased 48 percent since January 2012.

As of Jan. 22, the total sale amount for all 1,298 properties is $1,481,486. This was an increase from

The township will auction off the outstanding balance on each property, Collector of the Taxing District of Lacey Township Sharon Sulecki previously said. The balance is determined by the amount in uncollected municipal taxes — property, water, and sewer.

Uncollected taxes range anywhere from just $2.97 to $35,400.

The property owner with the most in uncollected taxes is Edrich Corporation located at 701 S. Main St., where the Shark Fin Inn used to operate. The company owes $35,400.34.

Taxpayers may decide not to pay their taxes for a variety of reasons, Township Administrator and Municipal Clerk Veronica Laureigh previously said. But the shortfall is accounted for in the budget each year under the Reserve for Uncollected Taxes.

Interest accrues daily on uncollected taxes and if the number exceeds $10,000, there is a 6 percent penalty, Sulecki previously said.

Some taxpayers have an escrow account for taxes with mortgage companies. In many cases, those mortgage companies failed to pay the taxes for “some reason,” she said. There could have been a default, the home is foreclosed or there was a breach in the escrow agreement.

Once uncollected taxes are accounted for the properties are put on the lien sale.

At the auction, the potential lien holder bids on the property and pays the township, Sulecki previously said. In return, they’ll get a tax sale certificate, which guarantees that they’ll get reimbursed.

Tax sale certificates can earn interest up to 18 percent, depending on the winning percentage bid at the auction, according to the state’s Division of Local Government Services.

For those whose property is being auctioned off, Sulecki likened it to borrowing on a mortgage. The money is being lent to them until they pay it themselves or until the home is foreclosed upon.

Below is a list of the top 10 taxpayers who have failed to pay their taxes organized by owner name, property location and principal due:

  1. Edrich Corp., South Main Street, owes the most taxes for a single property at $35,400.
  2. Northeast Passage Inc., owner of 8 properties in Lacey totaling $24,713.21.
  3. Jennifer Cavalier, owns 11 properties in Lacey totaling $16,092.23.
  4. Steven Glodack, South River Drive, $14,154.43.
  5. Dolores and Thomas, Douglas Hun, Oxford Road, $13,985.59.
  6. Jack and Michelle Sandella, Oak Hill Court, $12,122.31.
  7. Brian and Deborah Deane, Laurel Boulevard, $11,729.16
  8. Herlihy, John P Inc. MPP, Orlando Drive, $10,034.90.
  9. Sheryl Schomer, Capstan Drive, $9,040.04.
  10. M. Zillante and Rafhael Zillani Trust, Sunrise Boulevard, $8,212.21 
Laceygoingdownhill January 25, 2013 at 04:42 PM
If you look at the list, most if not all are for MUA bills and not for property taxes.
Jason January 25, 2013 at 07:42 PM
We also have to remember the people who are losing their homes to foreclosures and short sales already and have stopped paying taxes (as instructed to do). The banks will wind up paying the majority of these taxes, so Lacey will not go unpaid, don't worry. My uncle is on the list and he passed away last year and his house is being short saled, so before everyone makes negative comments, do your homework. Some are legitimately late (businesses, etc.) but nobody escapes the tax man, so why would we think this would be any different?
JOHNNY Done it January 26, 2013 at 03:53 AM
GEEZ,, Eastport builders is on the list a few times .The owner of that sits on our Town committee,, May be they need to change the rules for being on the council ,Quinn is not in gooding standing to hold a position on the committee ,Come clean or get kicked off!!!!
proud January 26, 2013 at 12:04 PM
@Robert Yates, if at year end a property has property tax or outstanding water and sewer charges, the property owner is notified that they must pay the outstanding balances or a lien will placed on their property. Said liens are then put up for sale at an auction at the courthouse. The amount of interest can be bid up to as high as 18%. The township and the authority are then paid the outstanding balances along with some additional charges and the property owner is then responsible to the lien holder. As long as the lien holder has a claim to said property, they must pay the current property taxes and municipal obligations, and are owed the auction rate of interest for the payments made subsequent to buying the lien. The property owner has two years ( or, possibly more) to pay all taxes, municipal utility charges, interest and other charges ( statutory). If after two years the property owner does not pay these amounts, the lien holder may proceed with foreclosure proceedings. This process takes about nine months, depending on the court. The profit made by the lien holder is the exceptionally high rate of interest they receive for paying another's responsibility. If the lien holder is successful in foreclosing and becomes the owner of the property, they have usually done so for only a fraction of the actual value of the property. The condition of the property( as is often the case on a foreclosed home) may very well be compromised, particularly if the property were abandoned.
proud January 28, 2013 at 02:21 AM
@jason, I don't think you understand how the process works. Nor do I think Femacare will benefit your sad situation.


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