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Committee to Vote on Employee Raises

Join us for live coverage of the committee meeting at 7 p.m.

The committee will do a second reading Thursday of an ordinance that, if passed, will give non-unionized township employees a 2 percent raise.

was approved by a vote of 4-1.

“This makes me nervous. It’s not the right time to do it,”Committeewoman Helen DelaCruz previously said. DelaCruz gave the lone vote in opposition.

The ordinance would give those employees in management and assistant management positions who are not a part of a bargaining union a raise.

“Almost all of them have not had a raise since 2008. They’re some very hardworking individuals. Most of their departments have been reduced where they’re having to work perhaps some times in an area that may have been otherwise filled in better economic times,” Committeeman Sean Sharkey previously said.

The ordinance would give those employees in management and assistant management positions who are not a part of a bargaining union a raise.

Non-unionized management positions include: Chief of Police, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Public Works, Director of Community Development, Municipal Clerk, Municipal Court Judge, Municipal Court Administrator, Deputy Municipal Court Administrator, Township Administrator, Tax Collector, Assistant Treasurer, Tax Assessor, Deputy Tax Assessor, Construction Code Official, Public Works Supervisors, Recreation Director, Zoning Officer, Network Administrator, Emergency Management Coordinator, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, Recycling Coordinator, Code Enforcement Officer permanent and part-time, Electrical Inspectors part-time, Municipal Court Attendant and Recycling Yard Attendant.

The Municipal Court Judge, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, Emergency Management Coordinator, Deputy Tax Assessor and township Committee will not be receiving increases at this time.

with the salary set at $48,000.

Based on the township's employee salary figures online, a 2 percent increase would cost the township approximately $9,119.54 alone for just the Chief of Police, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Public Works, Director of Community Development, Township Administrator and Recreation Director.

The meeting will begin at the Municipal Building at 7 p.m. Join us for live coverage.

Also on the agenda…

Caucus Meeting

1. Proclamation for Campaign Hero.

2. Proclamation for

3. Proclamation for Lacey Junior Yankees Little League Baseball Game

4. Virtual Net Metering – Tom Brys,

5. Special Use Permit

  A. Lacey Chamber of Commerce – Movie Night, August 23

  B. FR Presbyterian Church – Fall Festival, October 20

  C. Applebees – Easter Seals Biker Charity Run, September 9

6. Records Disposal Request – Finance Department 

7. Resolution #2012-190 authorizing the convening of an executive session 

Township Meeting

1. Second reading of Ordinance #2012-20 as set in the 2012 Municipal Budget 

2. Second reading of Ordinance #2012-21 amending Chapter 335, Zoning so as to amend the M-100 Zone

3. Second reading of Ordinance #2012-22 authorizing the sale of Block 4100, lot 12

4. Second reading of Ordinance #2012-23 setting salaries for non-union management personnel

5. Resolution #2012-172 appointing a part-time clerk for the Police Department

6. Resolution #2012-191 appointing a member to the Economic Development Commission

7. Resolution #2012-192 appointing members to the Municipal Alliance Committee 

8. Resolution #2012-193 authorizing the execution of a grant application for the 2013 Municipal Alliance Program

9. Resolution #2012-194 awarding contracts to various vendors for auto parts and accessories

10. Resolution #2012- 195 awarding a contract for the purchase of Fence Materials and Supplies

11. Resolution #2012-196 rejecting all bids for the 2013 or Newer Peterbilt or Approved Equal and authorizing receipt of new bids

12. Resolution #2012-197 authorizing the release of a maintenance bond for Road Opening Permit No. 4608

13. Resolution #2012-198 authorizing a refund of monies charged for a Recreation program

14. Resolution #2012-199 placing a lien on Block 242, lot 12 for property maintenance

15. Resolution #2012-200 placing a lien on Block 2422, lot 9 for property maintenance

16. Resolution #2012-201 authorizing the refund of deposit monies

17. Resolution #2012-202 authorizing the payment of Township Bills

18. Monthly Reports

19. Motion to approve the Township Meeting Minutes of July 26, 2012

20. Motion to approve the Caucus Meeting Minutes of July 26, 2012

Comments from the Committee

Comments from the public

Victor August 09, 2012 at 06:25 PM
An entry level position starts at 48,000, with golden health benefits and a pension. Need any help? I'll take it for less than 48,000.
Isheet Mipants August 09, 2012 at 10:05 PM
They don't deserve crap ! They just raised our taxes as it is and we're supposed to pay extra for people to collect them! What they should do is get rid of some of these jobs that are worthless and figure out a way for better snow removal than "contractors" and hire more law inforcement to get the riff raff of the streets! But then again that might effect some relatives of the town officials!
JOHNNY Done it August 11, 2012 at 04:07 PM
The township boots on the ground employees dont make with the rest that sit in that building (dept heads ) Look at what they make than add 2% you can probably hire another 2 police geez your are already making over $100.000 with another spouse working $150,000 to $200,000 in there house hold..people are losing their houses in this town and or just scrapping by...


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