East Brunswick Gets Grant for New Bikeway

Path will stretch from Crystal Springs Aquatic Center to the Community Arts Center.

Cyclists will soon gain a new recreational bikeway in the township after East Brunswick was awarded a $400,000 federal grant last month, according to the Sentinel.

The bikeway will run from the Crystal Springs Aquatic Center to the Community Arts Center, according to the report. 

“This project has been in the planning stage for years, so we’re pleased to add a recreational venue for our residents,” Mayor David Stahl told the Sentinel.

The report stated that because the bikeway will stretch over the Ireland Brook wetlands, the project will require approval from the Department of Environmental Protection.

The new path will add to the expanded recreational options at Crystal Springs. Phase one of a two-part upgrade plan for the park includes a new "speed" water slide, reconstruction of the existing water slide tower, and a spray park and sitting area near the kiddie pool. 

Phase two of the upgrades will include the construction of a new building for offices, locker rooms and bathrooms to replace the existing structure. 

In total, both phases of the upgrade plan are expected to cost between $2.5 million to $3 million. Because Crystal Springs is funded by membership fees, the improvements will not have any impact on taxpayers or the municipal budget.
maria manjelo January 15, 2014 at 07:49 AM
Did they fixed the skateboard park? Everyone is building in East Brunswick, but then the town closing everything because no one is maintaining it.
John Romano January 15, 2014 at 03:43 PM
...a bike path ...between a seasonally functioning entity (Crystal Springs) ....and another venue that is used once in a blue moon ....mostly in the evening .....and its outdoor facilities used ..again ...seasonally ....sounds like a wonderful waste of a $400,000 grant (plus whatever other money is needed to obtain permits and to build it) The wetlands permitting alone will run even the most astute engineering professional at least $35,000 in fees ....not to mention any 'legal-eagle" fees that may need to grease the wheels in the DEP. ...what's the cost of the bridge to cross Ireland Brook? ...will the path be lighted? ...will the path traverse any area that might be considered "remote" and as such ..be a perfect location for not-to-savory individual to hang out ...or activities to take place? ...is this only a 'bike-lane" to be added to Dunhams Corner Road? ...if so how do you make the path safe from vehicular traffic. AND ...why is it that there is NEVER an on-line available plan of a project (perhaps in pdf format) that the residents can review before one penny is committed or spent? Why must it always be, "well it's a done deal" ...like the Golden Triangle / Walmart debacle ...before residents actually know what the town is wasting money and resources on?
Wwe Tensai January 15, 2014 at 04:51 PM
Its a nice enhancement for the interior of the township. The borders (OBT, Spotswood border, Turnpike area) would also benefit from some careful attention and planning.


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