Marlboro Councilwoman Switches Parties, Will Run as Democrat

Carol Mazzola will run to keep her seat this year as a Democrat.

The last sitting Republican on the Marlboro Town Council just changed her allegiances.

Councilwoman Carol Mazzola will campaign this year as a Democrat, leaving the Marlboro Republican Club with no currently elected officials.

Mazzola said her reason for leaving is "petty politics."

“They don’t even understand how the government works. They only see issues through politics and their personal animosities," Mazzola said in a news release. "It’s an easy decision to run with those that have Marlboro’s interests at heart rather than those who only see petty politics.”

Hornik and LaRocca ran for a second time and won on the same ticket and won their seats in 2011.

“Mayor Jon Hornik and Chairman LaRocca are doing phenomenal jobs,” Mazzola said in a news release. “It’s always people first with their team; not politics first. The Council is doing an excellent job and I feel very comfortable being part of their team. They have the best interests of Marlboro at heart.”

Mazzola is not the first Marlboro politician to change parties. Councilman Lt. Col. Jeff Cantor was previously a member of the Marlboro Republican Club.

“We have worked hard to move Marlboro in the right direction,” Hornik said in a news release. “Councilwoman Mazzola is right for our team.”

Mazzola said in the news release that the democratic council has "kept property taxes down and expanded services" as well as responded well to Hurricane Sandy.

“Carol has been a partner in moving Marlboro forward through difficult times,” LaRocca said. “I look forward to working with her for an even brighter future in Marlboro.”

Mazzola is the former president of the Kiwanis Club of Marlboro, a volunteer with the American Cancer Society and West Monmouth Cares. Mazzola is a realtor with Keller Williams.

Mazzola will run this year with Councilmen Scott Metzger and Cantor.

Marlboro Independant January 18, 2013 at 01:21 PM
I agree with the opinion that if she had a problem with the party she should have run as an independent. I always thought one chooses a political party based on their core beliefs around fiscal issues, social government programs, etc. If she was once a Republican I would think switching to independent would be closer to conservative fiscal views of the Republican party. Gee let's see if Mazzola all the sudden starts to get more realestate sales in Marlboro...Ummm...I agree, we have to ask who she is really for, maybe herself and those sweet health benefits she gets as a Councilwomen??? Fyi I am an Independent with conservative fiscal views and more middle of the road on the social issues. This Democratic council is far from conservative fiscally, so I will be voting Republican, because I believe there should be checks and balances on the council, for the better good of the people!
anonymous January 18, 2013 at 09:16 PM
The Repub. party in Marlboro is dead--stick a fork in em!!
Anonymous January 19, 2013 at 06:20 AM
Carol Mazzola is as REAL AS THEY GET!!! She believes in what's right NOT and has everyone's best interest at heart.
Anonymous January 19, 2013 at 06:22 AM
Mazzola believes in what's right and has everyone's best interest at heart!
Michael Mirkin January 21, 2013 at 06:10 PM
I would not call Mrs. Mazolla a leader. A leader is someone takes charge and leads by by example of ones action or ones individual thought. This is not the case here. Over her first term Mrs. Mazolla did not exemplify any of these qualities but rather acquiesced and supported failed polices of the current administration. perhaps it is easy to obfuscate the truth to the uninformed or (majority) uncaring in this township but for those of us that take even a minimal interest Mrs. Mazolla "excuses" for the switch are boorish and self serving. Perhaps she also has realized b/c of her record she would not receive the same support she did 3 years ago.


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