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Tish Colombi Announces Retirement After 28 Years as a Commissioner

Colombi made the announcement today at the 41st annual Haddonfield Mayor's Breakfast.

Mayor Tish Colombi surprised a capacity crowd of about 200 at the 41st Annual Haddonfield Mayor's Breakfast today by announcing she will not seek another term as a borough commissioner after 28 years.

"I've been thinking about it for the last few months and this is the designated time for elected officials to make an announcement," said Colombi, 67, after the breakfast. "If I was going to make a decision based on how I felt today, I'd say 'go for it.' But I have to think about how I'm going to feel two years from now or three. I have to think about if I can do the job the way I'm used to doing it, all out."

Colombi has been the mayor for 12 years and a commissioner for 28. She remains the only woman ever elected to the borough Board of Commissioners. The three commissioners' terms expire in May. Candidates must declare for the four-year terms by March 15.

In addition to Colombi, the terms for commissioners Ed Borden and Jeff Kasko also expire in May. Borden and Kasko, who both delivered their state of the borough reports at the Mayor's Breakfast, declined to say earlier this week if they will run for re-election.

On Monday, Colombi was coy about her announcement.

"Can't abandon the ship," she said when asked if she planned to run for re-election. Colombi said Saturday her comment was directed at Borden and Kasko when they declined to say if they were running for re-election. She did not clarify the statement when she made it on Monday.

Colombi choked up several times during her announcement Saturday. She kept a tissue in hand and wiped away tears as she spoke.

"Tish is a role model and she has set the bar high for civic-minded women," said Judy Greenberg, 53, a homemaker and PTA member from Chestnut Street. "I was just telling her she can drive through town and pat herself on the back and say 'I did that, and that, and that.'"

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John Drake January 22, 2013 at 06:54 PM
It's about time. She was about to break Castro's record.
John Drake January 22, 2013 at 07:00 PM
What we really need in this town is an astro turf field and a parking lot for the High School. That will really improve our kids education.
Pro-Haddonfield January 22, 2013 at 07:15 PM
That is such a broad statement that " there is a lot of bad parenting in this town". It amazes me that someone of your apparent eduction level would make such a statement. There is no doubt that there have been instances of bad behavior ( a couple were the talk of the town no doubt), but does that make your statement true? I think not. I am heavily involved with youth activities in this town and am proud of how our parents approach parenting. Please think before you speak.
Susan Hoch MD January 22, 2013 at 09:13 PM
Reply to Pro-Haddonfield. Re bad parenting - I was thinking about this incident: "Imagine having your house ravaged by hard-drinking teenagers who doused your clothes with urine, pooped on your piano, and played catch with 10 pounds of homemade meatballs while you were away for the day. Imagine watching the kids who got caught get off without so much as an hour of community service, a mandatory essay, or an AA meeting. Not one of the 10 Haddonfield teens who struck plea deals last week apologized in court unprompted. Only after being nudged by a judge did two boys and one parent say, uh, sorry." Or, on my street, we have had problems with one young man with alcohol issues for which the neighbors have had to call the police many times. These are not the kinds of problems you see in a less affluent area. Those kids might rob a house but they are not going to defecate in a piano. Something is wrong with this community's parenting and the parents lack of an apology to Collen Fallasca whose house their kids trashed spoke to me about the quality of their parenting and guidance in moral values. These kids and their parents didn't know right from wrong.
Citizenman January 22, 2013 at 11:13 PM
Tish, Thank you for all of your years of service to our community. I'm proud that you represented Haddonfield and best of luck and good health in the coming years.


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