Middlesex Tea Party 'Not Backing Down'

The local Tea Party meeting to refocus and redouble their efforts.

Those who are sounding the death knell of the Tea Party movement are very premature. 

That's what the spokesman for the Middlesex County Tea Party (MCTP) said as they are reorganizing and refocusing their efforts to get local homeowners and taxpayers involved in their efforts.

"We are looking to refocus our efforts and re-energize our base. Rather than having a guest speaker at our meeting, as we often do, we will be looking at ways to make a difference locally and at a state level, without neglecting letting our voices be heard on the national scene," said MCTP spokesman Gary Charwin.

"The election went badly for anyone who still values the qualities that made America an exceptional nation, but we are not giving up."

The group plans to "form policy committees that will focus on key areas of focus for the Tea Party in 2013," Charwin added.

They'll be looking at the Tenth Amendment and the nullification process as a means of reigning in an out of control federal government increasingly and unconstitutionally imposing its will on the states and individual citizens.

"The goal is to inform citizens about areas such as Obamacare and the Liberty Preservation Act to fight against the freedoms being taken away," he said, adding that they will be forming other subgroups to look at issues of importance to the Tea Party movement.

Charwin said that they will be introducing educational programs for 2013 at the Thursday meeting. One of the programs begins on Sunday, January 6, with a 10-week course called Constitution 201: The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism. The course will be offered on Sundays at 2 pm at Buddies Tavern & Catering in Parlin. 

Anyone interested in joining is invited to come to the meetings, which are held the first Thursday of the month, Charwin said.


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