Sandy Cleanup Costs in Little Silver Hit $2.4 Million

Debris removal and overtime account for the bulk of the storm's expenditures.

Cleaning up after Sandy's quick and messy visit to the borough in October is costing Little Silver more than officials originally planned.

The borough council amended a resolution passed in November that appropriated $1.7 million for cleanup costs to $2.4 million at its Dec. 17 meeting.

According to Laura Geraghty, Little Silver's chief financial officer, the bulk of cleanup costs were for the removal of vegetative and household debris and overtime for police and public works staff.

The borough hired AshBritt Environmental, a Florida-based, national rapid-response disaster recovery and special environmental services contractor, for both vegetative and debris removal, according to Geraghty.

Little Silver was among four municipalities awarded funding in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) first round of reimbursements to towns recovering from Sandy. However, Geraghty said that the borough had yet to receive any of the $1.67 million pledged from FEMA and added that borough officials would continue to seek reimbursement for cleaning up after the storm.

"We are moving very quickly to get maximum FEMA reimbursement," Mayor Robert C. Neff, Jr. said in an e-mail.

Dentss Dunnagun December 28, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Has anybody else received their property reassessment yet?....I got mine today which showed a increase value 25% over last assessment ,which is useless in itself unless you know how much other property values increased /decreased....I would like to set up a exchange to help with appeals and to compare values ...anyone else interested ?
LSNative December 29, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Got my appraisal/assessment today. I smell another money grab which LS residents line up to accept. Maybe Sandy will put off the schools' plan for the Olympic size pools with stadium seating and motion picture studios as we get hosed down for the storm clean-up.
David E December 29, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Listen, I have a house there on Winding Way, sitting uninhabitable for 2 months, and for the forseeable future, while FEMA and NFIP play with themselves, and try to screw us ($84k, YES, $84k is what they say they will pay to repair a 2000 sq ft ranch that took on 2 feet of storm surge through and through....for example, they claim plywood sheathing under the hardwood is not covered since it did not come into 'direct' contact with flood water. HUH??? It only was under 2 feet of Class 3 title water, and water from under the crawl space. Oh, the a/c and heat were valued at $3,000 since its 10 yrs old. And on and on. We filed our assessment abatement papers with Little Silver last month, waiting to hear. Sorry Little Silver, we are getting hosed by our Fed govt, so get in line for your hosing. This whole process has been atrocious with FEMA and NFIP. Would've been better off taking the $50k in insurance premiums for coverage we never had to use over the last 25 years until Sandy, and investing in the market and making a disaster fund. People supposedly are not complaining yet...well, I know many have still not gotten estimates yet, or if they have, they have not really delved into the repair costs. When they do, I suspect there is going to be something akin to an uprising!
Fred M December 30, 2012 at 01:07 AM
I feel bad for those people effected by Sandy...I hear the same FEMA stories from many people..What I hear is that FEMA won't cover underinsured property owners..FEMA needs to educate people on what they do and don't cover..Fema,s stance appears to be this..Make sure you have enough coverage...One person I met owns home in New York where he had $300,000 worth of damage..He only took out $70,000 worth of flood insurance..FEMA told him that they can't help him because he should of had more coverage...FEMA education campaign is needed.


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