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Sound Off: Assembly Committee Votes to Allow Medicinal Marijuana Purchased in Other States to be Used in NJ

After passing through the Assembly Health Committee, the bill goes before the full Assembly. Gov. Chris Christie said he is done expanding the medicinal marijuana law.

Medicinal marijuana (Patch File Photo)
Medicinal marijuana (Patch File Photo)
A bill allowing patients in need of medicinal marijuana to purchase the drug in another state and use it in New Jersey is headed to the General Assembly nj.com reports.

The New Jersey Assembly Health Committee passed bill A-4537 on Thursday by a vote of 7-4, according to the report. It now heads to a vote before the full Assembly.

The bill proposes patients enrolled in New Jersey’s program be legally permitted to obtain marijuana from another state’s program and use it in the state. Patients in another state’s program would be legally permitted to use their medicine in New Jersey.

However, Gov. Chris Christie said he will not expand the medicinal marijuana program any further.  Last week, he stated he believes the effort is a way to open the back door to legalization for everyone, according to the report.

Over the summer, Christie made changes to allow use of a wider variety of marijuana strains and products, according to the report. However, Meghan and Brian Wilson, of Scotch Plains, are no closer to being able to obtain a rare strain of marijuana necessary to help their 2-year-old daughter. The needed strain is available in Colorado, according to the report.

There are 1,500 patients registered in the state, and three dispensaries, in Woodbridge, Montclair and Egg Harbor Township. Those dispensaries don’t produce the strain the Wilsons need for their daughter.

What are your thoughts on the debate? Should patients be permitted to use medicinal marijuana obtained in other states in New Jersey?

Let us know in the comments section.


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