The Fatal Dangers of Texting While Driving

Anytime, anywhere connectivity can be a blessing or it can be a tragic mistake, depending on circumstances

By Sen. Richard Codey, Courtesy of NJ Spotlight

We are in the midst of a technology revolution. It can be called “The Age of the Internet.” It seems as though nearly everyone is electronically tethered to the workplace, to their friends and family, and to a global network of websites and social media connections.

We see people talking on cell phones as they walk the aisles of the supermarket, engrossed in the content of electronic books or newspapers as they sit in coffee shops, texting while they watch sporting events or viewing online videos from almost anywhere. The ability to instantly communicate with others and to access information is advantageous for businesses, important for government, the military, and law enforcement.

It is helpful for all Americans in living their day-to-day lives and can be especially convenient for busy family members, allowing them to stay in touch with one another and to stay attuned to what’s going on in their communities and the world. Of course, the ability to immediately summon help in an emergency and to have the first responders equipped to respond quickly and to the right location is a crucial benefit.

But there are dangers to this proliferation of electronic devices when they are used by motorists behind the wheel.

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thesigntist December 31, 2013 at 04:41 PM
Check out this Patch article about the live2txt texting app. http://wyckoff.patch.com/groups/business-news/p/retired-flpd-cop-hopes-live2txt-app-will-curb-texting-and-driving


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