Vouchers Appear to Vanish from Christie's Education Agenda

State of the State address doesn’t mention onetime key component of school reforms

By John Mooney, Courtesy of NJ Spotlight

In education circles, one of the more notable parts of Gov. Chris Christie’s State of the State address on Tuesday was something he didn’t mention: school vouchers. For one of the first times in any of his major addresses that have highlighted his signature education agenda, Christie did not press for the state to adopt a form of school vouchers, whether through tax credits or other means.

He hinted at the idea, saying that students in so-called “failing” schools should be given the opportunities to go elsewhere. But he dropped it at that. There was nothing about the proposed Opportunity Scholarship Act, the most notable voucher legislation of the last decade, and nothing about private school options at all.

And it didn’t go unnoticed.

”Maybe it was just something he didn’t push for with everything else that is going on,” said the Rev. Reginald Jackson, the church leader who has been arguably the state’s biggest advocate of vouchers.

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