Woodbridge Councilman Admits to Traffic Arrest

Councilman Kyle Anderson said at the December 4 council meeting he had been arrested by Woodbridge police on a bench warrant for an outstanding motor vehicle ticket.

Councilman Kyle Anderson admitted at a Woodbridge council meeting Tuesday night that he had been arrested on a bench warrant for an unpaid traffic ticket.

Anderson reportedly had been pulled over by a Woodbridge patrolman for having a broken tail light in early November. The officer discovered that Anderson had an outstanding ticket for failing to pay for a previous motor vehicle fine.

The councilman was brought into the Woodbridge Police Department and was released.

Bench warrants are issued in New Jersey for contempt of court charges, such as not paying tickets for motor vehicle violations.

Anderson brought up his arrest at the December 5 council meeting. He said that he had forgotten about the ticket, and didn't remember it until he was pulled over for the Woodbridge traffic stop.

The councilman said at the meeting the ticket issues have been resolved.

Anderson could not be reached for comment.

A former Woodbridge Housing Authority commissioner, Anderson was appointed by Mayor John McCormac to fill out the unexpired term of retired Councilwoman Patricia Osborned in January of 2011. He ran for the council seat in September of last year and won. 

Anderson is also the first black councilman to serve on the Woodbridge governing body.

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Tom Maras December 10, 2012 at 12:44 PM
@ Miss Nikky, Kudos on your volunteerism. what makes you think I haven't been a volunteer or haven't gotten my hands dirty, or even bloody? And, if calling elected or "Appointed'" officials to the "higher standard" that some acknowledge is applicable to them, is Monday morning quarterbacking or bellyaching, no wonder I, and many others in this community, have so much acid reflux! @Rosie L. Please give me the name and contact numbers of some of the organizations/agencies you volunteer at and I'll get in touch with them.
Tom Maras December 10, 2012 at 11:06 PM
@slyfox1961 Anyone who claims to be employed full-time and and spends as much time on the internet as you do must be Mac or his employee! Will show my DD214 if you can produce a birth certificate that lists two parents that are not related!
slyfox1961 December 11, 2012 at 01:09 PM
@maras: appararantly you are not adhering to Deb's request concerning derogatory statements. ANd where I work and how much time i spend on the internet is none of your business. Did it ever occur to you I may be self employed? Or I am allowed internet access where I work? Perhaps I am salaried, and how much time i spend on the internet is irrelevant as long as I get my work completred? There are many, many possibilities, Mr. Maras!
Tom Maras December 11, 2012 at 01:47 PM
@slyfox1961. As someone you demands answers of me to your question, no matter how terse those questions may be, you have little room to complain about derogatory statements. Why do you, as nothing more than an UFP (unidentified frequent poster) feel I owe you any information or proof about my personal life? Anyway, if you think my question was derogatory, it was not intended to be such. I t was just a way of seeing how you like puns direct at you. Obviously, not so much! And just to clarify, most people know the parents listed on a birth certificate are related, by their marriage, as I am sure were yours. Now get to work so you can afford to pay your taxes. Us 47% 'ers are counting on your contributions.
MARY CHIUCCHI December 26, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Mr. Maras, I too have a DD214 (Military Discharge Papers), but this does not give anyone the right to bash or judge others. Being 100% Service Connected disabled, I suggest you spend as much time volunteering at the V.A. as you do posting on this paper. With all those who have served needing help, your time would be better served!


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