BOE Picks Retired Educator as Temporary Head for Woodbridge School District

Angela Korodan, a retired assistant superintendent, will be the temporary head of the district until a permanent replacement is found.

With the impending reassignment of John Crowe to an elementary school principal's position on December 1, that leaves an empty space at the top of the Woodbridge School District while the board engages in its superintendent search.

The Board announced last week that they will be bringing a former assistant school superintendent, Angela Korodan, out of retirement to fill Crowe's superintendent spot until a permanent replacement can be found. 

"She'll be the interim superintendent," said Board attorney Jonathan Busch. "She was a pleasure to work with, a true professional."

Korodan had once served as the district's temporary superintendent, when Crowe's predecessor, Vincent S. Smith, had left, and before Crowe was took on the superintendent job, Busch said.

The board is now searching for a replacement for in September after the results of a NJ Department of Education inquiry discovered cheating on standardized tests in several Woodbridge schools.

Two principals and three teachers have been suspended with pay since the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance's (OFAC) report was released. 

Crowe will step down from his position as head of the district at the beginning of December to become principal of Woodbine Avenue School #23 in Avenel. Crowe was an elementary school principal before he was elevated to the superintendent slot.

Busch said the Board will be placing an advertisement for a new superintendent shortly. He said that Korodan will serve as interim superintendent for two months while the Board continues its search for a permanent replacement.

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Nora November 19, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Dr. Crowe has not been accused of any wrongdoing and his decision to resign should not be viewed as an admission of guilt. It is not impossible to think that someone who trusted his employees to do their job and, as such, did not micro-manage them, would not be aware that cheating was taking place. Situations occur all the time in the private sector where deceitful employees take advantage of and abuse the trust their manager has placed in them. By all accounts, the moment Dr. Crowe had actual proof that cheating had occurred, he immediately took action to correct the situation. Sadly, he is the board's scapegoat in this cheating scandal. If certain members of the board had any integrity, they would have stood by him. However, they seem to want someone whom they can control. Do you think it was a coincidence that the board attorney's recent ethics lesson was about the role of the board members vs. the role of the actual administrators who were selected for their positions based on their education and experience?
Jojo November 19, 2012 at 03:40 PM
If I ever have a kid, HE/SHE WILL BE HOME SCHOOLED.
NotInKansasAnymore November 19, 2012 at 07:11 PM
So now we are paying Crowe and Koradan to do the Superendent job for a few months. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to get one of the MANY BOE secretaries to pick up the phone (months ago) and place an ad in the Ledger or Home News? Oh and Nora, when situations are this out of control in the private sector...THE BOSS GETS FIRED! They don't have the protection of tenure or free lawyers!
Kay Smith December 09, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Nora, you have got to be kidding! The man was well aware of the cheating, as I was one of the parents who told him. He is guilty and he truly had no choice but to step down. I had the pleasure of seeing him at a BOE meeting and watched him just sit there, humiliated. He deserves much worse then he has received and I truly believe this is not over. I hope the principals and teachers that were suspended and hopefully fired and stripped of there licenses sue the township if that man keeps his job! It is disgusting and it's an embarrassment to be a resident of this township. If moving was an option, trust me my family and I would be gone. I'm still hoping the state continues and cleans up this mess because if bringing back Angela Korodan is this townships way of moving forward then they have NO intentions of righting any wrongs and will continue doing it "their" way (and we know which way that is!). We all know Dr Zega will be the new Superintendent so stop this phony horse and buggy game, stop wasting the taxpayers money with fake "fill-ins" and just assign him and pretend to move forward. We all see thru it. Does this townhip really think we are that stupid!
Nora December 17, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Kay Smith - YOU have got to be kidding. There is no evidence whatsoever that Dr. Crowe knew about the cheating. I have no doubt that you did tell him about it and it was investigated. However, he was obviously told by his second-in-command that there was no cheating happening. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine that a parent comes to you and says that her child was told to cheat on a state test. The Superintendent directs his Assistant Superintendent to investigate. The Assistant Superintendent reports back that there was no cheating. Everyone involved probably thought that the child misunderstood the teacher's directions, etc., especially during a time as stressful as testing. Then, later, new evidence comes to light that cheating did in fact occur. Do you think it's a coincidence that the Assistant Superintendent suddenly retired? Dr. Crowe is NOT guilty of anything except being a manager who trusted his employees to do the jobs they were paid to do. Sadly, sometimes in life we trust the wrong people and pay dearly for it, as Dr. Crowe has surely paid. Even more disturbing is the fact that you are so eager to drag the name of a respected educator through the mud with your unfounded claims and bitter hopes for retribution. You say that you "had the pleasure of seeing him at a BOE meeting and watched him just sit there, humiliated"? I pity you.


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