Top Stories of 2012

Here's a quick look at some of the stories Patch readers read the most over the past year

Stories about hurricanes and local businesses, celebrations and tragedies are among the most read stories on the East Brunswick Patch in 2012.

Here's a quick look at some of the biggest most popular headlines from the past year.

Remember, these are just a few of the items published on Patch. Feel free to tell us what your top stories of the year were and we'll add links to the story if we have them.

What's that in the tree? A bird? A Squirrel? No, it's a bear.

That's right, for the second summer in a row, a black bear came to visit East Brunswick, and this one got stuck in a tree, only to be lowered (heavily sedated of course) to the ground with the help of East Brunswick's tree maintenance crew. Click HERE for video of the dramatic scene. The story received more than 3,700 page views and was just one of several stories on the event.

Gabowitz Declares Bankruptcy

The story was a short one, but this one about Gabowitz TV & Appliance Center going bankrupt struck a cord with readers. The story received more than 4,200 page views.

These Gas Stations MIGHT be Open

When Hurricane Sandy came to town, it was all hands on deck. The  event started with evacuations of some areas in the township, and ended after homes were flooded and destroyed, and residents went without power for weeks. And while most of the stories about the storm were big, one telling folks which gas stations were open topped the list of Sandy coverage. This one received more than 4,200 page views.

UPDATED: Mega Movies Leaving Brunswick Square Mall

Business news in East Brunswick is always big, and when Mega Movies in the East Brunswick Square Mall closed (it re-opened later with new owners, Star Plex Cinema), residents took notice. The story garnered more than 5,600 page views.

And the top story of 2012 was a tragic one. On Saturday morning in September, Amiad Horowitz, his parents, Ari and Sari and two others were hit by a car while walking home from Young Israel. Ari and Sari died and Amiad had to undergo surgery to repair his arm. The story was viewed more than 12,000 times.

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