Township Council Gets Re-Organized

Council Reorganizes, names appointments to township boards and groups.

Two members and the mayor took the oath of office Monday during the Township Council’s reorganization meeting.

Democrat council members Denise Contrino and Nancy Pinkin, and Democrat Mayor David Stahl were elected to four-year terms in November.

The evening began with a Salute to the Flab by Brownie and Junior Girl Scout Troop 80162, followed by an invocation by the Rev. Susan Rak of the Unitarian Society.

Mayor Stahl was sworn in by Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Bradley J. Ferencz; and Contrino and Pinkin by East Brunswick Municipal Judge Paul J. Endler Jr.

Also sworn in was Robyn Kirkland Brown, the townships newest Municipal Court Judge.

Following the ceremony, the council made several appointments to township offices:

Township Clerk Henriette (Nennette) Perry as public agency compliance officer; James White as Fund Commissioner and safety delegate for the Central Jersey Joint Insurance Fund; and Patricia Irons as the council’s representative to the Cable Television and Telecommunications Advisory Committee.


The council also created the Emergency Management Council, with Austin Kosik as Emergency Management Coordinator; Steve Zeidwerg as deputy coordinator; Steve Williams as alert, warning and communications officer; Ed Grobelny as damage assessment officer; Mary Kerslake as emergency medical officer; Sgt. Kevin Zebro as emergency public information officer; Capt. John Napoli as evacuation officer; Joseph Serrao as fire and rescue officer; Austin Kosik as hazard materials officer; Deputy Chief William Krause as law enforcement officer; James White as public health officer; Thomas Williams as public works officer; Austin Kosik as radiological protection officer; Nennette Perry for records management; L. Mason Neely as resource management officer; Louis Figueroa as school board liaison; and Rachel Steinberg as shelter, reception and care officer and social services officer.

Township Council representatives to various boards include: James Wendell to the Planning Board and MC Housing and Community Development; Michael Hughes to Water Policy Advisory Committee; Camille Ferraro to the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board; Nancy Pinkin to the Cable Television and Telecommunications Advisory Committee; Denise Contrino to the Alliance for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse; Camille Ferraro to the Municipal Emergency Management Council; and Michael Hughes to the East Brunswick Museum Corp.

Special Police Officer appointments include Tibor Berencsi, Benjamin Celano, Raymond Rovira, Edward Russell and James Williams as Class II Specials (armed); Eugene Bottiglieri, James Creegan, Gary Frank, Salvatore Georgianna III, Christopher Kersulic, John Sawicki and Ronia Walmond as Class IA Specials (unarmed); and Marie Larson and Mildred Yuhas as Class IB Specials (unarmed matrons).

Appointments to the Advisory Health Council (three-year terms) include; Kenneth Freedman, Harriet Golub, Dawn Hadland, Dr. James Salwitz, Dr. Leonard Kaplan, Dr. Richard B. Kahn, Dr. Elizabeth McSpiritt, and Roberta S. D’Achille.

Recreation and Parks Advisory Board (three-year terms) include: David Lonski, Sheila Sachs, and Jay Marchese.

Traffic Advisory Board (two-year terms) includes Sanford Gardner, Bruce Barrett, and Paul Larrousse.

Water Policy Advisory Committee (three-year terms) include: Miriam Wolin, William Johnson, Howard Alexander, Michael Lorczak, and Ed Rella.

Public Defenders will be Richard P. Klein and Jay A. Weiner. The public prosecutor will be David P. Lonski, Jeremy M. Solomon and Michael B. Jacobs.

The township engineer will be T&M Associates, of Middletown and CME Associates of Parlin.

Planning Board attorney will be Lawrence Sachs and the firm of DiFrancesco, Bateman, Coley, Yospin, Kunzman, Davis and Lehrer, P.C.

Zoning board attorney will be Robert J. Jones and the firm of DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole LLP.

The township attorney will be provided by DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole, LLP 

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debbie morris January 09, 2013 at 01:39 PM
I find it odd that the mayor and council appointed an attorney for zoning from the same law firm at gave us a bad deal in 2005 and golden triangle. At that time councilwoman Ferraro said "egregious actions and oversight that put us behind the eight ball."
John Romano January 09, 2013 at 04:14 PM
....I find it even more odd that town residents put that pinnacle of ineptitude back in office so that the same mistakes can keep getting made.
LisaD January 11, 2013 at 04:11 AM
Four more years of incompetence. I feel sorry for our town. We really don't have a chance, do we? I was happy that the council went Republican, but they haven't really did much over the past two years. I assume that they will be swept out in 2014.
Norman March 12, 2013 at 08:16 PM
So what do y'all think about today's announcement regarding Mr Mayor switching teams and heading over to the State Senate (maybe)


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