EBTV Focuses on Fastbreak Buddy Ball

EBTV correspondent Barbara Reiss was at Ward Byrne’s Fastbreak Buddy Ball’s 5th Annual Basketball Game Day game

Did you catch EBTV’s coverage of the Ward Byrne’s Fastbreak Buddy Ball’s 5thAnnual Basketball Game Day game held earlier this month?

If not, then check out the studio’s excellent coverage, as reported by correspondent Barbara Reiss. When you’re done there, check out Patch’s coverage of the same event. .

The Fastbreak Buddy Ball division partners special needs athletes with “PALs,” who assist the players on the court and during practices and games.

EBTV can be seen on Comcast Channel 3, and Verizon FiOs channels 37 and 38. Visit www.ebtv3.org and watch sports, municipal coverage and more on demand.

irene1175 April 04, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Great story and great job Barbara Reiss!


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